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Mental health crisis may cost world $22 trillion by 2030

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Gustavo Carr | 12 October, 2018, 01:47

Many places in the United Kingdom are starting to recognise the importance of this research and starting to change the game but we still have so far to go.

"Mental health services are still being underfunded by the Conservative government, with one in 10 CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) failing to meet the mental health investment standard in the a year ago - that is leading to adults having to wait as many as four months for treatment in certain areas, while one in four children are being rejected for treatment after referral".

While accountancy firms and businesses in general are introducing policies like flexible working and encouraging wellbeing to help combat stress at work, only 30 percent of managers have actually received any training around mental health.

Prevention begins with being aware of and understanding the early warning signs and symptoms of mental illness.

"A healthy mind is every bit as important as a healthy body, but the stigma associated with mental health issues is often a huge factor is preventing those struggling, from seeking the right kind of help and support".

Despite this alarming scenario, mental health continues to be a taboo topic with enormous stigma attached to it. They say, "In terms of the burden of the disease among adolescents, depression is the third leading cause".

The survey identified that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to have mental health issues and shows an urgent need for businesses to step up their support for not only those suffering from mental health, but also for the LGBTQ+ people in their workforce.

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Peng had worked as a Chinese teacher for more than 10 years before devoting herself to mental health advocate and educator, providing information to reduce prejudice against mental health and reduce stigma among caregivers.

The authors questioned why mental health issues remained on the least priority.

Mental health is said to be the most valuable thing that we pose with us.

"And we can all be a part of a new movement - including people who have faced mental illness themselves - to call on governments and industry to put mental health at the top of their agendas". "If these disorders are left untreated, they can extend into adult life, thus impacting educational attainment, employment, relationships and even parenting", warned Tarun Dua, a mental health adviser at the WHO.

A new survey of adults in the Midlands conducted for PHE also shows almost three quarters (71%) of people in the Midlands report experiencing one or more of low mood, anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping, frequently or occasionally. The emphasis is on improving physical health outcomes for people who experience mental health conditions and addictions.

Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that in Africa about five per cent of the population aged below 15 years suffers from mental disorder.