Sunday, 26 May, 2019

MeToo effect: Aamir Khan drops out of producing Gulshan Kumar biopic ‘Mogul’

Aamir Khan pulls out of film citing #MeToo issues detailed statement Aamir Khan steps away from film associated with alleged sexual harasser
Adrian Cunningham | 11 October, 2018, 20:11

On Wednesday, the Bollywood megastar announced that he was stepping away from a film, as "someone" associated with it had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Subhash Kapoor said he respected Khan's decision. Also, Mogul is the movie which will be a director by Subhash Kapoor who is accused of raping and molesting Geetika Tyagi.

The statement went on to say that two weeks ago, when traumatic #MeToo stories began emerging, it was brought to the organisation's attention that someone they were about to begin work with had been accused of sexual misconduct. Tyagi filed a case against Kapoor in 2014 and also released a video in which she can be seen slapping Kapoor in the presence of his wife.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao who form a part of the initiative, attended a special meeting to discuss the steps that can be taken to make the industry a safer place for women to work without fear. We are not an investigative agency, nor are we in any position to pass judgement on anyone - that is for the police and judiciary to do.

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Referring to the recent cases of sexual harassment allegations levelled against various celebrities, the statement said, "We believe that this is an opportunity for the film industry to introspect and take concrete steps towards change".

In a joint statement by Aamir and filmmaker-wife Kiran Rao, the duo said "Aamir Khan Productions we have always had a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct and predatory behaviour of any kind". "We are instituting a committee within the Guild to lead this effort, and we are determined to stay the course till workplaces in the industry are safe spaces for everyone", read an official statement from the Producers Guild of India. Subhash said that since the matter is sub-judice, "he intends to prove his innocence in the court of law". "But I do want to raise a question - is secretly filming a crying woman without her consent and knowledge and uploading it on social media not harassment or abuse?" "If your answer is latter then for me it's nothing less than a khaap panchayat mentality".

Asked if this meant that Aamir Khan would get back on board again after Subhash Kapoor's exit, Mr Kumar told the Indian Express, "That I can't comment now as you can understand from his tweet he has nothing against us but director".