Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Microsoft unveils Project xCloud streaming platform

Microsoft looks to take Xbox experience onto mobile Microsoft reveals Project xCloud games streaming service - Industry - News
Cecil Davis | 10 October, 2018, 17:03

Microsoft is all set to launch its project xCloud which will allow the people to play their favorite Xbox games on a variety of different screens, from PC monitors to smartphones. The Project xCloud service will, not surprisingly, run on Microsoft's own Azure cloud service, but getting it fully up-and-running take some time to complete, admitted Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of the gaming cloud division at Microsoft. Microsoft has already rolled out its custom server racks into one of its data centres in the USA, and public trials for the game streaming service will begin in 2019. Microsoft says it is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges with its "40 years of gaming experience" and data centres in 54 Azure regions and services available in 140 countries.

Though Project xCloud will be extremely useful to gamers who don't want to download, it'll be a particular leap forward for mobile and PC. This is basically a new streaming service that will allow you to play your favourite Xbox games on a tablet or mobile device. This could pose a problem, as most games are created to be played using either a controller or a keyboard and mouse config. When it does open to the public, it will be focused exclusively on Xbox One games: Like Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service, which uses PlayStation 3 hardware to provide partial backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4, Microsoft's cloud infrastructure is to be based on 'the components parts of multiple Xbox One consoles' installed in blade-style chassis. The system is being tested on mobile devices via touch input and with a Xbox Wireless Controller connected via Bluetooth. Microsoft's Project xCloud could make it happen. "Our goal is to deliver high-quality experiences at the lowest possible bitrate that work across the widest possible networks, taking into consideration the uniqueness of every device and network". The tech is expected to hit public beta in 2019.

The team is also working on a "new game-specific touch input overlay" that should support controller-free playing.

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As recent trends, many leading companies believe in the success of streaming services and cloud gaming.

Project xCloud will run via Microsoft's Azure servers, which are now spread out across 54 different locations globally.