Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Nickelback's Response To This Mean Tweet Was Classic

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ is back and Nickelback faced up to the haters Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ is back and Nickelback faced up to the
Adrian Cunningham | 11 October, 2018, 05:05

In honor of the "American Music Awards", Jimmy Kimmel's latest edition of "Mean Tweets" took aim at the world of popular music.

While Cyrus flipped the middle finger at the camera after reading a message which declared, "Miley Cyrus is a smelly pirate hooker".

Nickleback technically had a double helping of meanness, as they were name-dropped in a mean tweet directed at Korn, which was read by their frontman Jon Davis.

After reading a tweet in which someone said they would rather stab themselves in the unmentionables than listen to another Nickelback song, frontman Chad Kroeger chuckled before adding, "That's amusing, that's how we make Nickelback songs".

With the traditional "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. playing in the background, the segment featured appearances from Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Dua Lipa, Jason Derulo, Schoolboy Q, Luke Bryan, The Chainsmokers, and many more.

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'Thank you, ' the singer replied while crossing her eyes.

And Pink couldn't stop herself from laughing, after reading, "P!nk is ageing pretty well for a pig".

G-Eazy read another that said: "G-Eazy is like the American cheese of cheese. Or some other s***ty thing".

The latest edition of Mean Tweets aired Tuesday night (Oct. 9) on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".