Sunday, 26 May, 2019

President Trump Just Moved His Rally in a Bigger Venue

Lyin’” Ted Cruz and ‘extreme’ Beto O’Rourke Midterm debate descends into insults and barbs Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz debate in Texas
Deanna Wagner | 19 October, 2018, 03:01

Footage of the incident went viral on social media Tuesday evening after the unidentified woman repeatedly asked the GOP legislator about his Kavanaugh vote; screaming "shame on you!" as Cruz walked away.

Cruz went on to say that he believes in "due process" for those accused, referring to the allegations from multiple women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in the past with lack of corroborative evidence. "Do you believe in perjury?" the second protester joined in as Cruz was walking through the airport.

Earlier this week, President Trump expressed his support for Cruz on Twitter and berated his opponent. "Shame on you, Ted Cruz!".

"Thank you for expressing your First Amendment Rights".

This really set them off.

Joe Biden: Age ‘Legitimate Question’ if I Make 2020 Run
"I hope they don't", he replied. "I think age is a totally legitimate thing to raise", Biden reportedly said at a MI event. The Turkish government believes that Khashoggi was killed on the orders of the Saudi government.

Cruz said politely, "God bless you, ma'am".

"Don't interrupt me, Jason", Cruz snapped at moderator Jason Whitely, who had told him that his 90 seconds were up, to gasps from the audience.

The exchange that was caught on video started with Cruz asserting, "It's a victory for women in America".

The group's Facebook page states that it's "united" in the fight against the "Nazis, Ku Klux Klan".

She said that in order to close the gap with Cruz, O'Rourke invoked Trump's "Lying Ted" nickname for the Republican.