Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Ronaldo rape claims 'complete fabrication'

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring for Juventus Image Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring for Juventus
Adrian Cunningham | 11 October, 2018, 07:41

Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyers have said documents that appear to substantiate Kathryn Mayorga's claims of rape by the Juventus forward had been altered.

In a statement on Wednesday Ronaldo's lawyer, Peter Christiansen, issued a statement reaffirming his position.

American Kathryn Mayorga has accused Ronaldo of sexually assaulting her in a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009, something the Portuguese has strenuously refuted.

Mayorga's attorneys did not immediately respond to messages.

Mayorga, 34, a former model, filed a lawsuit on September 27 in Nevada acknowledging that she accepted $375,000 to keep quiet about the encounter with Ronaldo in a hotel penthouse.

Las Vegas police have since reopened their sexual assault case into the incident, having initially closed their investigation in 2009.

"To be clear, Cristiano Ronaldo vehemently denies all the accusations in this civil action, in consistency with what he has done in the last nine years".

These documents were seen and reported on by Der Spiegel last week but Christiansen reaffirmed Ronaldo's innocence and insisted that the documents had been fabricated, in a statement quoted by the Independent.

'Cristiano Ronaldo does not deny that he agreed to enter into an settlement, but the reasons that led him to do so are being distorted.

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The statement said the NDA is "by no means a confession of guilt" but Ronaldo "merely followed the advice of his advisers in order to put an end to the outrageous accusations made against him" to avoid attempts to "destroy a reputation built thanks to hard work, athletic ability and behavioural correction". It is my understanding that in 2015, dozens of entities [including law firms] across many different industries throughout Europe were hacked and their electronic data was stolen and captured by a cyber criminal.

The 33-year-old has firmly denied the allegations.

Ronaldo's new Las Vegas attorney, Peter S. Christiansen, talks to media in Las Vegas about a statement he released in response to rape allegations against the footballer.

In a statement, Christiansen said: "I have been hired to represent Cristiano Ronaldo with respect to the recent civil complaint arising from events alleged to have occurred in 2009, all of which were the subject of a mutual release between the parties in 2010".

"Unfortunately, he now finds himself embroiled in the type of litigation that is all too commonplace in America".

Christiansen added: "Although Cristiano Ronaldo is accustomed to media attention, inherent in the fact that he is a famous person, it is absolutely deplorable that the media continue to propagate and stimulate an intentional defamation campaign based on stolen and easily manipulated digital documents".

"It concludes by saying that: "[Ronaldo] is confident that the truth will survive this frenzy and the laws of Nevada will be upheld and enforced".

He added material "irresponsibly published" from "stolen documents" included large sections which were "altered and/or completely fabricated".

The Associated Press does not generally name people who say they are victims of sex crimes but Mayorga has given her consent through her lawyers to make her name public.