Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 could rock huge 6.66-inch display

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Cecil Davis | 17 October, 2018, 08:16

The “Note10” moniker is a placeholder for now as Samsung might change the naming scheme with the Galaxy S10 coming in the first half of next year. And the crowd (even Apple) followed it.

The difference is not that significant since iPhone XS measures in at 6.46-inches and Galaxy Note 9 at 6.44-inches, but this is more than enough to get Samsung riled up. Other rivals are rolling out even bigger phones. This will allow the company to keep the width of the Galaxy Note 10 in check, while it will allow it to include a larger display, which will, in all honesty, be taller than the one on the Galaxy Note 9, if there's any truth to the provided report.

While the Note lineup has historically had a larger display than the biggest iPhone, the screen on the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches) is slightly bigger than the one on the Galaxy Note 9 (6.4-inches), though the iPhone does have a notch. And screen size is an iconic feature of the Note series.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will reportedly sport the Korean's firm's biggest screen size yet.

One of the three Galaxy S10 models, the S10+, will fill the gap with a 6.44” display.

Do you think the Galaxy Note 9 has the potential to generate substantial revenue for Samsung, or should the technology behemoth place its focus on other things?

As we're still nearly a year from the likely launch of the Galaxy Note 10 we'd take this with a huge side of salt - and even if it is true, it's possible that Samsung would change its mind between now and when mass production starts.

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The Bell acknowledges that it is still early in the phone's development cycle.

It's unclear whether Samsung will increase the overall size of the phablet to accommodate the bigger display or make the bezels slimmer.

Samsung hasn't been afraid of increasing the display size of a device in the past and it looks like the company plans to continue that tradition.

Will it have a notch?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to arrive in August next year, a year after the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9.

The anticipated adoption of the 6.66-inch screen is in line with the global smartphone trend for larger screens, aimed at appealing to users who spend more time watching videos and playing games on their smartphones than before. Ironically, I'm still using my two-year-old 4-inch iPhone SE.