Monday, 27 May, 2019

The Google Home Page Now Has Discover Feed

Google Discover starts rolling out in the US Google's interest-focused Discover feed launches on mobile web
Cecil Davis | 31 October, 2018, 19:58

Google Discover will provide you information about your interests, like your favorite news site or sports team, without having to search for them.

Google unveiled Google Discover in September during its 20th anniversary celebration, and Google has confirmed to CNET that the feature is rolling out to mobile devices as of this week.

Google announced the new visual design and features on its blog last month. To do this on your computer, make sure you're signed in with your Google account and browse to the Activity controls page. Although customizing the feed is fairly simple, you will be shown a special card when you first use the Discover feed to help you explore the new feature and learn how to use it.

Google has launched a major redesign of its signature search engine homepage for mobile users. Well, you can turn it off on your mobile browser by going to the menu bar and then clicking on settings and then Discover and then Don't show on homepage.

The cards include a cover image, article title, summary, website name and publication date.

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The bottom-right corner lets you select whether you see more or less of the subject you want to see. This stream of cards will show content based on your interests such as Youtube videos, new articles, picture galleries, sports scores, and recipe pages.

How to turn off Discover Feed in the browser?

You'll have the option to see more or fewer stories of that specific featured topic. You won't have to deal with cards showing up every time simply because you found a subject interesting once.

Did you get Google Discover on your device yet?

The feed also marks more of a philosophical shift for Google. Here, you can follow any topics that interest you and hide any that don't strike your fancy.

This comes around the same time Google is also bringing the capabilities of Google Lens to Google Images on the mobile web, one more step from Google toward making Search move beyond its text-based legacy.