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Verizon retains exclusive on Google's Pixel 3

New Pixel phones are out today New Pixel phones are out today
Cecil Davis | 10 October, 2018, 17:38

When you point your camera at information you want to remember or don't feel like typing in - like a URL or QR code on a flyer or an email address on a business card - Google Lens suggests what to do next, like creating a new contact. Despite similar functionality, Google's products are priced below the competition: the smaller model with a 5.5-inch screen starts at US$799, while the larger model with a 6.3-inch screen is priced starting at US$899.

Google Pixel Slate has been officially confirmed by the American tech company at its hardware event in New York City. "They come at the intersection of AI, hardware and software working together".

The third-generation Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were announced after months of rumour-mongering and uncorroborated hardware leaks. They are set to be launched on November 1. The Pixel 3 XL starts at $1,129 CAD for the 64GB and $1,259 for the 128GB.

Samsung DeX: People use their smartphones for everything, and with the improvements in Samsung DeX the possibility of your phone serving as your primary computing device is a reality. Oh, and there's a fingerprint scanner on the side in the power button that utilizes Google's new Titan security chip.

The unveiling, which was held in NY for the first time, echoed Apple events with a clean, white aesthetic and touted celebrity collaborations, along with an emphasis on its smartphone cameras.

Previous leaks said the Pixel 3 would be available for preorder right after Google's event on Tuesday in all the countries where Google is holding local events, including the US, UK, and France, but also in other worldwide markets.

That said, the lack of a Tablet mode/Laptop mode option will be less of a drawback in the new Chrome OS, which handles Tablet mode better than the current version does. Instead, Google uses software to mimic that effect.

Google Pixel Slate 1
Verizon retains exclusive on Google's Pixel 3

Users can also add animated stickers to photos that mimic the expressions of the subject such as smiling or frowning. And the ability to screen calls with Google Assistant is a great use of AI. Just tap on a button for Google's voice assistant to ask the caller about the objective of the call. Has Google made the camera even better?

David Ruddock, the managing editor of Android Police, recently tweeted and insisted Google has a Pixel Slate tablet in the works.

This means your new Pixel phone is guaranteed to receive updates until October 2021. "It's mostly about convenience here". Interestingly, Google has worked over the colours of the phones as well, coming out with a Not Pink colour.

Amazon shipped 21.5 million smart speakers, including those with displays, in the year ended June 30, compared with 18.3 million for Google, according to research firm Canalys. Apple alone sold 388 million iPhones during the same period. For one, it comes with a "voice match" function that can recognize who is giving it orders and tailor the response to your individual user profile.

Nearly all the technical details of the phones had been leaked before the event, but Google did unveil some clever new software features. It will also display images from your Google Photos account for your screensaver (so keep it clean, you), using a machine learning algorithm to only pick out the largest and sharpest images, or to collate all the photos that include a certain face or person. The phones also come with new USB-C earbuds that can access Google Assistant and read your notifications aloud, and support wireless charging via a sold-separatley dock called Pixel Stand.

Right off the bat, most of the hardware rumors are true. But it was a unusual call-out, since Google already puts cameras in your home through the Pixel phones and Nest Cam home-security cameras. In another apparent nod to privacy concerns, Google didn't put a camera on its Home Hub like Amazon and Facebook did with their respective devices to enable video calls.

Google's positioned a pair of 2W front-firing speakers on the front of the Slate - when it's held in landscape they're positioned at either end.

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