Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

Woman calls police on black man babysitting white children

White woman calls 911 after spotting a black man babysitting white children Georgia Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White Kids
Deanna Wagner | 13 October, 2018, 07:13

A black man who was babysitting two white children had the police called on him to carry out a welfare check after a white woman saw them together in Walmart.

Corey Lewis documented the entire ordeal on Facebook Live.

He was out with the 6- and 10-year-olds Sunday when a white woman approached them in a Walmart parking lot.

When Lewis refused to let her speak with the girl, the woman followed him to his house and called 911 to request a welfare check on the children.

The trio went to Walmart and enjoyed Subway before getting in the auto to return home, which is when Corey was approached by a woman asking to check on the children, a 10-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

"I said, 'Is it because there's an African American male driving my kids around?' and the officer, who was embarrassed and apologetic, said, 'It appears so, '" Mango said.

Parker told The New York Times that Lewis was a family friend and that the children were in no apparent danger. What was meant to be a kind gesture turned into what the parents believe is Lewis being stalked, harassed and questioned by police. After asking whether the kids were OK and saying the situation looked "weird" to her, the woman followed Lewis and the kids, Lewis told GMA.

He said the woman continued to follow him.

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His clientele is mainly white, he said, but up until Sunday, it had never occurred to him would give someone a reason to call the police on him.

Lewis' encounter is the latest in a number of high-profile incidents of alleged racial profiling, often when police are called to investigate as a black person is doing everyday activities.

The woman told police she was concerned about the children's safety, but did not describe any suspicious behavior by Lewis. "The police officer was trying to explain that he was there with my kids and that they were OK, but he wanted to confirm that I had given permission to Mr. Lewis to be with them", she said.

Parker and his wife, Dana Mango, were at dinner when they received the call, and his wife had to be convinced that it was not a prank, he said.

Their son attends Lewis's youth mentor program, Inspired by Lewis.

In the videos, Mr Lewis says: "It's 2018".

"You see these things, but they're like from a distance", he said. The officer talked to the kids, determined everything was fine and left.

"B-W-B which I guess is the new thing, babysitting while black", said the children's father, David Parker.