Monday, 22 July, 2019

2nd Trump-Kim summit early next year, US president says

The mushrooms come from the same region where North Korea has conducted its nuclear tests The mushrooms come from the same region where North Korea has conducted its nuclear tests
Deanna Wagner | 08 November, 2018, 21:40

The Trump administration has said that sanctions will not be lifted until North Korea gives up its weapons.

But some analysts say a last-minute cancellation - a familiar North Korean tactic - could be aimed at pressuring the United States to agree to a quick Trump-Kim summit because the North thinks it can win major concessions from Trump that lower-level US officials might try to block. "But we're very happy with how it's going with North Korea".

President Trump has insisted that he will hold a second summit with Kim Jong-un early next year despite North Korea's abrupt abandonment of talks that had been scheduled to take place today between its senior negotiator and the USA secretary of state.

Trump and Kim held a highly choreographed summit in June in Singapore, where they announced aspirational goals for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula without describing how and when it would occur.

Kang cautioned against reading too much into the postponement, and said she would work through inter-Korean channels to urge North Korea to reschedule the delayed meeting.

South Korea and the U.S. tried to play down speculation that the meeting was postponed due to stark differences between Washington and Pyongyang on how the denuclearization process should proceed. But US officials have repeatedly said sanctions relief would only come after denuclearisation.

North Korea has demanded the USA take "corresponding measures" in return for steps it has already taken.

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"I would love to take the sanctions off, but they have to be responsive, too", Trump said.

"For North Korea, there has never been a US president like Trump", Park said. "The North simply got what it wanted the last time". South Korea's presidential office earlier said that the meeting's postponement wouldn't affect the momentum of talks between the USA and North Korea. "This is the case we're dealing with, purely a scheduling issue, and it's as simple as that", the US State Department's deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino said at a regular briefing.

"It is an estimate for now. we will continue efforts, including policy coordination with the USA, to carry out the projects agreed between the two Koreas without a hitch", said the official who declined to be named.

Trump told reporters at the White House that the United States is "in no rush" and that the meeting between Pompeo and Kim Yong Chol would be rescheduled. "And I'll leave it at that".

North Korea closed down its nuclear test site but shows no signs of reducing its nuclear arsenal and diplomacy between Washington and Pyongyang appears to be deadlocked. "Sometime early next year", he said.

Kim pledged to work towards denuclearization at an unprecedented first meeting with Trump in Singapore but negotiations have made little headway since, with North Korea falling short of U.S. demands for irreversible moves to abandon a weapons program that potentially threatens the United States.