Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Amy Schumer Canceled Her Dallas Show Because of Nausea

Pregnant Amy Schumer hospitalized with severe morning sickness during second trimester Amy Schumer Hospitalized for Pregnancy Issues, Cancels Stand-Up Show
Adrian Cunningham | 16 November, 2018, 07:50

The comedian and actress had to cancel some of her upcoming shows and posted a photo of herself laying in a hospital bed. Find out her current condition here!

Amy posted her apologies on Instagram but reassured her fans that she's being well taken care of and her baby is doing "fine". She added, "I've been even more ill this trimester".

"Texas I am so deeply sorry".

"Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bulls-t!" I have been looking forward to these shows.

Schumer explained that she is dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, commonly known as extreme morning sickness. She thanked the doctors and nurses caring for her and promised to reschedule Thursday's show at Winspear Opera House.

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As you may remember, earlier this month, Amy confessed that pregnancy has been really tough on her.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old comedian shared a photo of herself in the hospital and apologized to her fans for having to miss her tour date in Dallas, Texas, that was scheduled for November 15. "Oh my god. See, it has so much energy, that's why I'm puking every day".

However, last week, she had an incredible response to seeing her baby kick on a sonogram.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Schumer announced that she was pregnant in October, revealing the news via a friend's Instagram Stories.

Unlike morning sickness, which affects up to 80 percent of pregnant women, HG causes severe dehydration and prevents sufferers from keeping any food down. In terms of preventive measures, the Cleveland Clinic notes that taking vitamin B6 before pregnancy can potentially help, and that in many cases the condition will subside after 20 weeks.