Monday, 27 May, 2019

Apple CEO says regulation of tech industry is "inevitable"

Google best Search engine we keep Safari safe says Tim Cook Tim Cook: Upcoming Privacy Regulation 'Inevitable'
Ginger Lawrence | 21 November, 2018, 07:27

Tim Cook also touched upon the overall male-dominated culture of Silicon Valley and felt that it 'missed it' when it came to gender.

Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts that new regulations of tech companies and social networks to protect personal data are "inevitable".

Turning to gender inequality in the workplace, Cook said the tech industry has generally been strong in diversity, even though a male-dominated culture prevails. "I'm actually encouraged at this point that there will be a marked improvement over time". It has done this by sending recruiters to events focused on women in tech, as well as reporting "pay gap" information about the average earnings difference between men and women at Apple.

Although the Apple CEO might have refrained from naming names, his recent comments are mostly directed at Facebook.

By the time Cook's morning routine is done, California is waking up, and Cook is ready to start his day - which reportedly includes over 700 to 800 emails he gets per day.

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Then he goes to the gym and works out for an hour. In the Recode MSNBC interview, Cook explained why Apple would never use the Facebook model: "We could make a ton of money if we monetized our customers, if our customers were our product". Just last month in a keynote speech in Brussels, he said: "These stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them".

Cook also said the free market hasn't worked for the tech industry and that future regulations are inevitable. "I think Congress and the administration at some point will pass something", Cook said.

"Your device has incredible intelligence about you, but as a company I don't have to have that", the Apple CEO added.

The agreement makes Google search the default in a number of ways, including within Apple's web browser Safari and for web searches carried out with its voice assistant Siri. Features such as private web browsing and tracking prevention help keep users' data from being scraped and sold to the highest bidder or used for highly targeted ads.