Saturday, 20 July, 2019

'Big Brother' Christmas Abbott Arrested, Allegedly Hit Baby Daddy's Mistress' Car

'Big Brother' Christmas Abbott Arrested, Allegedly Hit Baby Daddy's Mistress' Car 'Big Brother' alum Christmas Abbott arrested in Florida for criminal mischief
Adrian Cunningham | 08 November, 2018, 16:32

Christmas Abbott has been booked for felony criminal mischief.

Former Big Brother star Christmas Abbott was arrested after she used her vehicle to go after her baby daddy Benjamin Bunn's alleged mistress.

According to the report, Morse declined to answer and Abbott called her a "pathetic home-wrecking slut" before she tossed the woman's coffee across the gym.

The former Big Brother contestant was arrested on Tuesday in Tampa, Florida after turning herself into police.

According to a police report obtained by Page Six, the former reality star, 36, asked the woman if she was sleeping with her unborn baby's father and when she didn't give a direct answer, Abbott told police she "lost it" before hitting the woman's vehicle in the parking lot. As she left the gym, she got in her auto and allegedly rammed the woman's vehicle twice, causing over $5,000 worth of damage.

When an officer arrived at the scene, he said that Christmas began crying and told him she "lost it" over the cheating allegations.

After a warrant was out for her arrest, turned herself into police this week. They did say Abbott was never placed behind bars and was released nearly immediately after her surrender.

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Abbott welcomed a son, Loyal, in October with Benjamin Bunn.

Hours after her arrest, Abbott posted a sweet video of her son smiling in his sleep on Wednesday morning.

Christmas made no mention of her recent brush with the law in the caption, however, the reality star made a veiled reference to "hard" moments.

"How could I ever get enough of that sweet smile?! He simply lights up my heart & makes me so fulfilled!"

'No teaching point on this post, ' the Big Brother star wrote.

Christmas finished third on season 19 of the hit CBS show Big Brother.