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Boris Johnson declares 'boundless admiration' for brother Jo Johnson's resignation over Brexit

Jo Johnson resigns as minister over Brexit | London UPDATE 1-British minister optimistic about Brexit deal with EU - Funke - Macroeconomic News
Ginger Lawrence | 11 November, 2018, 02:16

British cabinet ministers have drawn up a "plan B" for a no-deal Brexit in case parliament votes down Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed plan to leave the European Union, The Sun reported on Friday.

"We are barrelling towards an incoherent Brexit that is going to leave us trapped in a subordinate relationship to the European Union, with no say over the rules that will govern huge swathes of our economy", Johnson said.

"Boundless admiration as ever for my brother Jo", he said.

"This is not taking back control".

She has consistently rejected the idea of another nationwide vote on Brexit, insisting her obligation is to make good on the will of the people as expressed in 2016. Damian Green, the former first secretary of state, said a new referendum would be unlikely to deliver a clear result.

When May was presented with the alternate proposal, she told the ministers that their plan "was not needed yet" but it was greeted with a "surprisingly warm response" from Finance Minister Philip Hammond, the Sun said.

British govt minister quits over Brexit, calls for new vote
Jo Johnson has signalled that more ministers may be poised to quit over Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans. But now there are fears more high profile ministers could follow the Johnson brothers out of the door.

After the 2015 Tory election victory he became universities and science minister, a role he held until January 2018 when he switched to the transport department as rail minister and was also made minister for London.

"Here is a young politician with everything to gain from staying inside the Government, pursuing his distinguished career, keeping his head down and waiting for events to take their course".

Prime Minister Theresa May this week faced pressure from her Westminster allies in the Democratic Unionist Party not to allow a customs border to split Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom after Brexit. "My priority is really just to do my best as a now backbench MP to try and encourage the country to pause and reflect before we do something that is irrevocably stupid", Johnson said.

The Brexit negotiations have turned out to be tougher than expected for both sides, with neither able to agree on major points such as the Irish border and post-Brexit trade tariffs with third parties.

"Now is the time for people to stand up for what they believe in or we will sleepwalk to a Brexit disaster".