Monday, 27 May, 2019

Gboard Gets New Emoji Minis Sticker Packs on Android and iOS

Google Gboard now allows you to create emoji that look exactly like you [Update: Formally available for all, plus emoji] Gboard 7.5.6 beta introduces two personalized 'Minis' sticker packs
Cecil Davis | 01 November, 2018, 09:09

Google has introduced a solution in the form of new stickers for Gboard.

I'm not seeing Mini Emoji in Gboard yet, but it's coming. Along with that, you can also use that same selfie to make Bold and Sweet style stickers.

This sticker pack essentially transforms your face into customisable emoji stickers.

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Once you are done with the customization, Save the changes and use your personalized emoji stickers the next time you text with your friends and family. From there, you can customise the emoji to your heart's content with different hair colour, facial hair or different types of headgear and eyewear. The company has started rolling out the feature in all the regions and its coming to both iOS and Android operating systems.

After updating to the latest version, head to the stickers section, to find the new Emoji Minis sticker pack. We've been playing with them for a bit, but today, Google announced that Gboard is getting the ability to create Mini Emoji, too! "Design your Minis so they resemble what you look like in your eyes-or in your mind", Google explains in a blog. By default, the minis are added to your favorite sticker packs and show up at the top, but you can re-order them, remove them from favorites, or even delete and re-create a new pack with a different selfie.