Friday, 18 January, 2019

Jack White addresses homophobic incident at recent show

Two women told they weren't allowed to kiss at Edmonton concert Edmonton concert usher tells woman she can't kiss female friend
Adrian Cunningham | 07 November, 2018, 21:13

MacIvor recounted how she kissed her friend as White played her favourite song, Seven Nation Army, which was "a fun moment on a attractive night".

An Edmonton-based musician chose to go public with a shocking incident that happened to her at a Jack White concert in the Alberta capital last week.

In a Facebook post, Allyson MacIvor told how a staff member at Rogers Place in Edmonton stepped in when she kissed a female friend during Friday's gig. "Its 2018 now and two people expressing affection shouldn't have to hide", he continued.

"This photo is a lesbian couple sharing a kiss at a Beatles concert in 1964 while the rest of the crowd screamed for the band", he says in the caption.

An Edmonton woman says she was left speechless after an usher at a local concert venue told her she wasn't allowed to kiss another woman. He ended by saying, "Let's promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can".

During that song, MacIvor grabbed her friend that she was attending the show with "and kissed her", she wrote in a Facebook post.

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Still, she felt "violated and hurt", so she filled out an incident report, and chose to share her experience on Facebook.

According to MacIvor, the usher then escorted them to speak to a venue manager, who "apologized profusely, but it still didn't help the incident and the hurt that came out of this".

She added: "The arena staff were very apologetic, as I wrote an incident report, with tears in my eyes, realizing we still live in a world where I have to watch my back as a "gay" woman, and apparently, I still have to watch whom I kiss, even at Rogers Place".

In her post, the fan claimed the worker pulled her aside and shook her finger disapprovingly, telling MacIvor "That's not allowed here", because it was "inappropriate sexual behaviour".

Most wouldn't think anything of it, but as MacIvor wrote in her post about the incident, one young Rogers Place employee wasn't having any of it.