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Lift with 6 people plunges 84 floors in Chicago skyscraper

Chicago Screams as US Skyscraper Lift Plummets 84 Floors With 6 People Stuck Inside RIA Novosti. Denis Voroshilov
Deanna Wagner | 21 November, 2018, 03:32

According to the Washington Post, the six strangers - including Montemayor and his wife, two law students from Northwestern, a pregnant woman and one other person - were stuck in the elevator for about 2.5 hours as firefighters from the Chicago Fire Department tried to figure out a way to reach them. "We thought we only fell a few floors but we ended up falling 84".

"At the beginning I believed we were going to die", Jaime Montemayor told WBBM-TV.

Some reportedly gave in to strong emotions, starting to scream and cry.

The six people had gotten into an elevator on the 95th floor of the 875 North Michigan Avenue building, formerly known as the John Hancock Center, when they heard a loud noise as the vehicle started descending.

The elevator, which became wedged between the 11th and 12th floors, was in a "blind shaft", meaning there were no doors through which firefighters could enter to rescue people. Luckily, the other cables didn't fail, which kept the elevator from crashing to the bottom of the shaft.

The firefighters broke through a concrete wall on the 11th floor's garage area where the lift was dangling after two cables snapped.

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"It was a very long ride until we stopped", Castillo, 49, added, as she described the dirt and dust falling through the elevator's ceiling.

When they finally arrived, "it was a precarious situation where we had the cable break on top of the elevator [and] we couldn't do an elevator-to-elevator rescue we had to breach a wall", said Chicago Battalion Fire Chief Patrick Maloney.

Rescuers managed to prise the lift doors open and pull the group out.

Larry Langford, a spokesperson for the Chicago Fire Department, confirmed to the Tribune that apart from one individual suffering from anxiety, there were no serious injuries.

ABC 7 Chicago reported that tourists had to go up to the 95th floor in a service lift operated by building employees while the investigation and maintenance continued.

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