Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Major 'Modern Family' Character Is Pregnant

Hyland reveals her character on the hit series is pregnant Hyland reveals her character on the hit series is pregnant
Adrian Cunningham | 09 November, 2018, 16:06

In the most recent episode of "Modern Family" we discovered Sarah Hyland's character Haley is pregnant and it seems the ever so smart Dylan is the father.

Later, she calls Dylan and they are changing their plans to go to the circus in exchange for a more mature date at the theater.

The actress also previously revealed that there is a "bigger thing than death" coming up for Haley.

Hyland teased the reveal ahead of the episode, sharing a photo of Haley inside the bumper auto. Hyland and Ferguson both recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the future of their beloved ABC show was uncertain.

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It all goes down after Haley is admitted to the hospital with a tube of lipstick shoved up her nose (long story). 'There's a lot happening with Haley, but I can't say'. The two take a trip to the emergency room where routine tests reveal Haley is expecting.

Haley and her boyfriend Dylan were on a mission to prove to all the doubting Dumphys that they are actually responsible adults - by heading to a carnival and riding the dodgems. "It's gonna be a BUMPY ride!" she wrote on the caption, further boosting speculation of a pregnancy reveal.

Several hours before the show aired, Hyland stoked the pregnancy rumors by tweeting, "Buckle up for tonight's brand new episode of abcmodernfam guys".

Haley coped with the tragic plot twist during the Halloween episode by losing it and eating everything she could find, one of the ways grief manifests in people.