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New Jersey couple killed in fiery crash driving to their wedding

Couple killed in crash driving to their wedding Couple killed in a crash on the way to their wedding
Deanna Wagner | 19 November, 2018, 18:05

New Jersey couple Kathryn M. Schurtz, 35, and Joseph D. Kearney passed away as a result of the collision on the Interstate 78 before they prepared to tie the knot in Pittsburgh.

Schurtz grew up in Union County, New Jersey. The tractor-trailer slammed into the couple's auto causing a chain reaction crash that ultimately involved four other tractor-trailers in addition to the couple's vehicle, reported.

"She will be remembered for her voracious appetite for reading, love of cooking, and trailblazing new adventures with Joseph", Schurtz's obituary in the Star-Ledger read.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the accident caused a fire that burned two of the tractor-trailers and the couple's vehicle.

A tractor-trailer was going west when the trucker realized too late that traffic ahead was slowing for a construction zone, police said.

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Schurtz, who worked for a data cloud company, and Kearney were traveling to his home city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to get married when the tragedy happened. His aunt posted on Facebook on Sunday that the family's "lives changed tragically" when they heard the news.

Our hearts go out to former Fanwood Councilwoman Karen Schurtz who lost her daughter and future son-in-law in a auto...

'Our nephew Joseph Kearney and his attractive fiancé Kate Schurtz were killed in an automobile accident on their way home for their wedding to be held that day.

A funeral mass for Ms. Schurtz is scheduled for Tuesday, November 20 in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. No information is available for Kearny.