Friday, 18 January, 2019

New strategy To Tackle Violence Against NHS Staff

Philip Hammond Philip Hammond
Gustavo Carr | 02 November, 2018, 03:42

Paramedics alongside mental health workers are some of the first to be provided with body cameras in order to reduce the violence.

"55% of United Kingdom adults believe a tax should be paid while working to fund adult social care and that should be taken into consideration as the Chancellor seeks to fill the social care pothole", she said.

Hammond said: "We made our big choice for this Budget four months before it was delivered, and that was the right decision".

The £2bn figure for mental health will help fund crisis services to provide a "comprehensive" level of support within NHS A&E departments, while £650m has been allocated to adult social care - despite £1.3bn worth of cuts to council budgets planned for next year.

"And social care remains the Achilles heel - it has been consistently underfunded, neglected and unloved by politicians over many years and the extra funding announced today - again, welcome - is clearly inadequate".

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Peterborough Paul Bristow, speaking about the mental health funding, tweeted: "Proud to be a @Conservatives candidate when we announce something so important #mentalhealth".

"The prospect of an additional £2 billion of funding for mental health by 2023/24 is a welcome step on the journey towards true parity of esteem", said the Mental Health Network, but Dr Zain Sikafi, practicing GP and chief executive/co-founder of online therapy and counseling service Mynurva, said it "does not go far enough". This should allow the government and NHS England to determine which staff are most vulnerable to violence and allow for appropriate action to be taken.

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"This means we will struggle on for another year".

"These new services will ensure that people suffering from a crisis, young or old, can get the help they need, ending the stigma which has forced too many to suffer in silence and ending too the tragedy of too many lives lost to suicide". But we had not yet heard what the equivalent settlement would be for vital NHS functions outside the so-called "front line" ring fence, such as public health, workforce training and capital investment.

The cash injection comes on top of the £240m winter funding for social care announced earlier this month (see Government reveals LA allocations for £240m social investment).

"We desperately need to see the long-promised Green Paper, which we hope will set out a proper, long-term solution to the social care crisis".

"While the sums all add up, the Chancellor again missed an opportunity to be frank with the public about the need to fund essential services properly".

"Community pharmacies have the potential to contribute much of value in this area, acting as health and wellbeing hubs on local high streets, and we will continue strongly to make the case for that".