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No more chopping and changing in ODIs - Ravi Shastri

No more chopping and changing in ODIs - Ravi Shastri No more chopping and changing in ODIs - Ravi Shastri
Cary Erickson | 16 November, 2018, 02:00

"A lot of people think we don't understand the game enough and what needs to be done, that someone needs to literally tell us where the bat has to come from, where the head has to be but I think we have learned those things enough", Kohli said. It's not about celebrating a victory and forgetting it but it's about learning from victories as well so that it can be repeated.

"Our focus will be more on how batsmen will bat together on this tour".

Having suffered defeats in their earlier overseas Test series in South Africa and England, the Virat Kohli and Co will salvage pride winning in Australia. "When you win Test matches, you see those kind of performances", Kohli said. "But when we don't bat well as a team, we fall down and lose and mentally it takes a toll on you". That's where we want guys to be fearless. "I don't think there is anyone who has said no to me more than him (Ravi Shastri) in Indian cricket", Kohli said. "But when it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field or a fight as people want to call it excitedly, I have been completely ok with playing without the altercation".

India skipper Virat Kohli feels that it is time for the batsmen to step up and be counted as the bowlers have already shown that they are more than capable of picking 20 wickets in a Test match.

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Kohli also revealed that the team management has spoken with the players with regards to how to tackle such situations and the players have been asked to live in the present and not to dwell over their past failures. "About saying yes all the time, that's the most freakish thing. I don't think there has been anyone who has said no to me than him [Ravi Shastri] in Indian cricket", he added.

Stating that he has matured as an individual over a period of time, Kohli said, "I am very happy within my own space, so on a personal level, I don't find any need to go and find these things anymore. Now being captain, you have no room for anything else but think of what the team wants all the time".

"These are very personal things that happen within the team environment and things that conveniently need to be put out there are put out there", Kohli said. "Now it is time to really get focussed, play as a unit and hopefully not have any injuries where we have to look elsewhere and take it from there", he added. And man management is the most important thing at the level we play at.