Saturday, 20 July, 2019

Pipe bomb suspect scheduled for Election Day court hearing

Mail Bomber Suspect's Mom Calls On Trump To Tone Down Anti-Media, Anti-Democrat Rhetoric Cesar Sayoc transferred to New York to face federal charges in pipe bombs case
Deanna Wagner | 08 November, 2018, 18:23

The charges against Sayoc were filed in the Southern District of NY.

Sayoc will be transferred to NY to stand trial and face federal charges, as per an order from U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres, according to USA Today. He wore navy blue jail scrubs and a gray pony tail.

He seemed calm throughout the 10-minute hearing.

U.S. attorney for the Southern District of NY wrote in a letter to U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Lehrburger that "the evidence gathered to date demonstrates the dangerousness of the defendant and creates significant incentives for him to flee".

Prosecutors told a judge that Sayoc, reportedly a rabid supporter of Trump and white nationalism, presents a flight risk and is a serious danger to the public.

Prosecutors had argued before the hearing that Sayoc was too risky to be released on bail.

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Sayoc's lawyer, Sarah Baumgartel, didn't fight the request and may make an application for bail at a later date.

Federal prosecutors opted to charge Sayoc in New York City in part because it was the locale where they recovered evidence that allegedly linked him to several of the improvised explosive devices. Court documents indicate he is charged with transporting explosives across state lines, illegally mailing explosives, threatening former presidents and others, threatening interstate communications and assaulting federal officials.

A letter from U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman to U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres stated forensic evidence found on Sayoc's laptop shows that he researched his targets, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. He also posted videos of himself at Trump rallies in 2016. A package was also addressed to the actor Robert De Niro, a harsh critic of Trump.

Just days after CNN was sent a mail bomb, Trump tweeted that the "fake news media" are the "true enemy of the people".

None of the devices exploded before being intercepted and no one was hurt.

The explosive devices were sent through the mail and Sayoc was tracked down based on fingerprint and possible DNA evidence, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.