Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Prepaid Unlimited Plan From Verizon Is Now Cheaper, But There's A Catch

Enlarge ImageVerizon's new prepaid plans.                  Verizon Enlarge ImageVerizon's new prepaid plans. Verizon
Cecil Davis | 09 November, 2018, 18:26

That brings the price of Verizon's unlimited plan down to $65, which, as Engadget points out, is more competitive with T-Mobile's $45 unlimited plan.

"Starting November 6, the new Verizon Prepaid lineup includes a new lower price of $65 for Unlimited, $45 for 8 GB, and $35 for 3 GB - which includes $5 per month Auto Pay discounts per line on these plans - and for customers looking for unlimited USA talk and text at a great price, $30 for 500MB". The latter featured unlimited 4G LTE usage in Mexico and Canada, HD video streaming, Voicemail to Text, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, and Name ID.

$35 will get 3GB of data each month, and you can add up to nine additional lines to your prepaid plan (10 total, up from 5 previously) for $25 each on the 3GB plan. Verizon's prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and LTE data then dropped to $65 from $75. There's also the ability to add both tablets and mobile hotspots to an account for the same prices as required to add smartphone lines.

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That's the case for T-Mobile's limited time offer: $50/month prepaid for unlimited data, but with big limits on video resolution and tethering. For $50 each month, T-Mobile will give users unlimited talk, text, and LTE data.

We also do not know if T-Mobile will treat this prepaid plans like it does the rest.

T-Mobile's special limited-time prepaid plan includes the same caveats as other similar plans in the Uncarrier's portfolio. Though that plan is ten dollars more expensive per month, customers get Amazon Prime bundled with the plan, Google One storage, and 15GB/month of hotspot data.