Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Thousand Oaks: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting

No caption At least eleven wounded in shooting at bar in southern California
Deanna Wagner | 09 November, 2018, 12:26

People watch as police vehicles close off the area outside a country music bar and dance hall in Thousand Oaks. They could be counted on to be wearing plaid, boots, cowboy hats, and if they were women, short shorts.

The gunman entered the California bar dressed in black and armed with a Glock 21.45-caliber handgun, according to the Los Angeles Times.

By the end of the violent spree, 11 people were dead.

Paul Delacourt, assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office, said it was too early to speculate on the shooter's motives but that he appeared to have acted alone.

Authorities did not confirm if a suspect had been taken into custody.

The shooting happened on college night.

Here are some of their stories.

He said a highway patrol officer was nearby who just happened to be pulling someone over.

The shooting in Thousand Oaks took place just 11 days after another gunman - identified as Robert Gregory Bowers - carried out an attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people.

Justin Meek had recently graduated from university and was working as a caregiver, supporting families with special needs.

The one-hour procession through the streets was filled with sadness and silent salutes on numerous overpasses.

This is a breaking news report.

In Jacksonville, the owner of Rain Dogs bar in Riverside's Five Points district said it's a sign of how hard it is to anticipate a shooter walking in and opening fire.

She said she hid with a group of strangers and they were holding hands. The university invited the community to gather at the school's chapel.

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A reporter then pointed to blood on his sleeve, which he said "isn't mine" and came from a man with a chest wound who they helped drag over to paramedics.

Screen capture from video from the scene of a shooting at a bar in California, November 8, 2018. "I'm alive and home safe", she said on Facebook.

"Cody had such a bright future ahead of him", it reads.

He died trying to save others, a family member told The San Diego Union-Tribune. "He died a hero".

Later never came for the couple, as Helus was shot several times and killed in a gun battle with troubled former US Marine Ian David Long inside the bar, which was hosting its popular, weekly "College Country Night".

Gunn said his friend, whose name he didn't provide, escaped safely out the back. The photo, dated September 8, appears to have been taken inside the bar.

But social media showed happy pictures of the pair.

Asante Sefa-Boakye, a longtime friend, referred to Meek as a "teddy bear" who loved country music.

"Ask anyone on the (Coronado) island who knows this kid and they'll say nothing short of how great a guy he is", Sefa-Boakye said. "There's a lot of heartbreak here over the loss of such a warm spirit".

According to the Pentagon, Long served in the Marine Corps from August 2008 to March 2013.

"His whole plan was to see the world and get leadership experience, and he was able to do that in those four years [in the Corps]", Pieper told Task & Purpose. For motorists who travel Highway 101 between Los Angeles and points north, Thousand Oaks is a pass-through community of little note.

Long had been cleared by mental health experts after an incident in his home in April, sheriffs revealed on Thursday morning.

"And the two words I want you to write are: Gun control", she added. "It sounded really weird", she said. "His whole life was based around helping others. Everything he did was selfless", Pieper told Task & Purpose.