Sunday, 26 May, 2019

'Two Can Play That Game.' Trump Preemptively Threatens Retaliatory Investigations Against Democrats

REUTERS  Evan Semon               Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis speaks at his midterm election night party in Denver last night REUTERS Evan Semon Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis speaks at his midterm election night party in Denver last night
Deanna Wagner | 09 November, 2018, 23:09

In a tweet Trump said that Pelosi "has earned this great honor" and suggested the Republican party could help her secure the job.

On Tuesday night, supporters at Pelosi's victory address chanted "Speaker!" during her speech. An aggressive campaign to define and demonize new congressional committee leaders.

In addition to his conversation with Pelosi, Trump called Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as a number of candidates he backed during the race, the White House said. "You have to really give the voters what they want". Other winners Tuesday included Sharice Davids from Kansas, one of the first two Native American woman elected to Congress, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

Momentum appeared quickly after polls closed at 7 several states and a Virginia congressional district switched from GOP control to Democratic, the first of three gains in the Old Dominion.

But at 78, she knows her tenure on Capitol Hill is likely coming to a close, even if she refuses to put a date on it. A new generation of Democratic representatives, propelled by resurgent activism, is heading to the halls of Congress.

Ms Pelosi has campaigned tirelessly this election season.

She persuaded candidates to shut out the noise, "don't take the bait", and stick with their legislative agenda of lowering health care costs, rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and delivering government reforms.

"It's not about Democrats and Republicans at this point", she told volunteers. "It's about our country".

Before Tuesday's elections, women made up a record 20% of Congress - 23% of the Senate and 19% of the House.

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The Democratic victory in the U.S. House of Representatives could echo from Moscow to Beijing to Riyadh, with empowered Democrats now able to launch new investigations into President Donald Trump's worldwide business empire and his political dealings with the rest of the world. "The Democrats are the party of rigid ideology and total conformity". Even Pelosi's position as putative repeat speaker seems somewhat tenuous, with a significant contingent of House Democrats saying openly that new party leadership is needed.

"We're going to do the same thing, and government comes to a halt, and I would blame them", Trump said at a news conference.

He took at a jab at "grandstanding" congressmen from his own party whom he said would have made it hard to get legislation through the House, had Republicans eked out a narrow win in the chamber. "I don't want to comment on that, otherwise I will run the risk of being accused of interfering in their midterm election", foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. "This is not politics as usual", she said.

Constituents would show up at her family's door, needing favours from her father, who kept a file card system of requests asked and answered.

A record number of women were elected to the House on Tuesday, almost two years after women spilled out into the streets of Washington and in cities across the country in defiance of the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Keep in mind, also, that on October 22, Trump said 82 untrue things in a single day, per CNN, boosting his total number of partial or entirely false claims since becoming president to 6,420.

"This isn't just the year of the woman, this is the year of every woman", said Cecile Richards, who served as the president of Planned Parenthood for more than a decade, noting the groundbreaking diversity among the women who have run for office this year.

House Democrats will continue transforming their chamber into a national spectacle, calling for more witch hunt investigations and committee hearings.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Maryland Democrat poised to take charge of the House Oversight Committee, said in a statement to The Associated Press that he intends to use the panel as "a check on the executive branch - not merely for potential criminal violations, but for much broader concerns, such as conflicts of interest, emoluments violations and waste, fraud and abuse".