Thursday, 09 April, 2020

White House bans CNN reporter Jim Acosta after Trump row

US President Donald Trump points to CNN journalist Jim Acosta during a post-election press conference in the White House US President Donald Trump points to CNN journalist Jim Acosta during a post-election press conference in the White House
Deanna Wagner | 08 November, 2018, 20:28

As US President Donald Trump answered questions from the press following his speech about Wednesday's midterm results, his turbulent relationship with some media outlets was evident.

"Reuters' White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who said he was seated next to Acosta, said he did not see his colleague "'placing his hands' on the young intern".

Trump wanted to move onto another reporter, but Acosta wouldn't give up the microphone when an aide sought to tug it away from him.

Speaking on CNN on Wednesday shortly after being forced to turn in his pass, Acosta adamantly denied the White House's allegations.

Footage of the incident shows the intern tried to reach under Acosta's arm to take the mic from him, and his arm came down on hers as he continued to try asking his question of Trump.

CNN said in a statement that the White House revoked Acosta's press pass out of "retaliation for his challenging questions" on Wednesday.

Acosta shared a terse rebuttal to Sanders' claim, tweeting, "This is a lie".

The reporter challenged Mr Trump on his characterisation of the South American migrant caravan as an "invasion".

During a contentious back and forth with Trump, Acosta held onto a microphone as the intern attempted to transfer it to NBC News' Peter Alexander. "You shouldn't be working for CNN" Mr Trump told Mr Acosta.

Trump even added, "CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them".

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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced the decision hours after the news network's Jim Acosta sparred with Trump during a raucous to-and-fro.

CNN have released a statement on the incident and have included their full support for the reporter.

After the exchange, CNN, through its public relations department's Twitter feed, said Trump's attacks on the press have gone too far.

"They are not only unsafe, they are disturbingly un-American".

During the question, Trump interrupted and said, "Here we go again".

He then said that he was glad that the Democrats ended up in control of Congress as opposed to Republicans keeping a majority by just a few seats because it would be easier for Trump and the Senate to work with Congress that way.

"This severe measure, paired with the president's treatment of several other esteemed White House reporters, is unacceptable given the already hostile environment for reporters in the United States. You aren't the best", Trump told Alexander.

She added, "President Trump has given the press more access than any President in history". Trump became frustrated with Acosta's antics.

Elsewhere in the conference, PBS NewsHour's Yamiche Alcindor asked the President about white nationalists emboldened by his remarks labeling himself a "nationalist". Waving his finger, Trump berated him.

Acosta confirmed the news on Twitter and published a video of a secret service officer removing his press pass.