Monday, 27 May, 2019

Kim Kardashian justifies Kanye West’s slavery comment

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Adrian Cunningham | 09 December, 2018, 06:00

For example, yesterday the Kim Kardashian came to the presentation of its own line of perfume in one of the stores in Los Angeles in a bright pink pantsuit, looks suspiciously like the one in which in public about a month ago, appeared her younger sister, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner.

You probably remember when Kanye West went on TMZ and, in the heat of one of his rants, stated that slavery "sounds like a choice" to him. "He didn't say slavery is a choice, he was saying if you're gonna still be enslaved for another 400 years then that's some bulls***".

Kim Kardashian isn't anxious about husband Kanye West one bit.

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She explained: "Being a mom just not makes you give a f**k about anything else but what's immediately going on inside, like in your home, in your family - like all the other stuff kind of fades away". "But he loves being ramped up". Like, I don't want to be so suppressed. I must have done something really special to deserve having you as my son. "Kanye's slavery comment, he never said that. That's why I'm Kanye"'.

According to TMZ, after watching the tape back Kim decided that her statement did not actually reflect what happened. There is clearly NO reference to a future 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. "I don't know if I properly apologised for how the slavery comment made people feel", he said at WGCI Chicago.

Kim went on to say she always knows what Kanye's intentions are and that his comment was simply misinterpreted, yet she also describes his somewhat manic state that at times causes him to act out of control. "It's like, we're mentally imprisoned". That was just the headline.