Sunday, 26 May, 2019

New Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Game Teased For Game Awards Reveal

There's going to be a lot of fallout from this teaser There’s going to be a lot of fallout from this teaser
Cecil Davis | 06 December, 2018, 15:14

Well, it looks like you may have another irradiated open-world option soon, as it seems the Far Cry series is going full post-apocalyptic.

It will be interesting to see what form this next Far Cry takes, as it's only been nine months since the release of Far Cry 5.

The teaser also suggests we'll be playing with a few unconventional weapons.

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Hot on the heels of February's dark, cult-starring Far Cry 5, a surprise video has appeared on Ubisoft's social channels, revealing a glimpse of a brand new Far Cry adventure. While the title now has no name, this tantalising trailer teases a new, surprisingly luscious-looking locale for players to explore. Clutching what looks like a make-shift, saw-slinging crossbow, the sullen protagonist appears to be roaming around an incredibly cheery and picturesque post-apocalyptic landscape. In the meantime: did you play Far Cry 5? Still, that doesn't mean that this will necessarily be a meagre experience.

That means that this new Far Cry - which will be announced at the Game Awards on Friday morning is a direct sequel to the last one, but that that direct as it's set quite a number of years after Far Cry 5. The brief teaser trailer begins with a shot of a mushroom cloud extending into the air, seen from a short distance away. It seems Ubisoft is following a similar path to previous Far Cry games, like when the third game was followed by Blood Dragon and the fourth was followed shortly thereafter with Primal. It won't be too long until we find out. The game takes place in the United States and features one of the most freakish stories in any title to date.