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Prince William and Kate thank British troops in Cyprus

Kate Middleton Prince William WILL OLIVER EPA-EFE Shutterstock
Adrian Cunningham | 06 December, 2018, 05:06

It looks like the youngest royals are growing up fast - at least based on a discovery made during a visit by Prince William and Kate Middleton to the RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on Wednesday.

Sqn Ldr Waghorn, a senior engineer who works on Typhoon jets, said: "To have such high profile visitors coming to say thank you is a real honour".

He also praised the sacrifices of their families, many of whom the couple had met on Tuesday, when they held a party at Kensington Palace and collected gifts to transport to the base.

She said she had some idea how the relatives felt at this time of year as William, a former RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot, had served in the Falklands for six weeks in 2012. "But I can't imagine how it feels when your loved ones are away on active service over Christmas or at those special family moments", she said. "The absence of people you love must be especially hard at this time of year".

He added: "But as we approach Christmas, Catherine and I feel strongly that praise for your work and recognition of your sacrifices is exactly what is due to you all". Busy, important, ROYAL people who have three small children to raise as kind and well-adjusted humans, lest they be mercilessly shut down in the public eye for not being "humble" or "one of us".

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The British military base in Cyprus is now used for both reconnaissance and bombing missions against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

'Kate was asking Harry where his mummy and daddy were and she said to me it's quite a commitment but it was great for the family to have us pulling everything together.

When asked by a royal fan where his five-year-old, three-year-old and seven-month-old were, Prince William honestly answered, "Because I can't do this and look after the children".

Her husband said: 'We see our main function as giving my daughter and her husband peace of mind.

Prince William and Catherine had collected the presents from those family members when they hosted a party at Kensington Palace a day earlier. "Did they get back [home] okay?"