Friday, 05 June, 2020

US Challenges Russian Claims in Sea of Japan

Russian Submarines Might Instantly Floor Off U.S. Coast To ‘Shock America,’ Analyst Warns US Challenges Russian Claims in Sea of Japan
Deanna Wagner | 07 December, 2018, 18:58

Meanwhile, the US Navy has reportedly started planning to send a warship to the Black Sea in the near future.

The US Navy sailed the guided missile destroyer USS McCampbell near contested waters in the Sea of Japan Wednesday, an action that is bound to irk Russian Federation.

In the South China Sea, despite perceptions that U.S. FONOPs have been exclusively conducted against Chinese claims, the U.S. Navy has also challenged excessive maritime claims made by U.S. allies and partners, including the Philippines and Vietnam.

"Currently, the crew of the US McCampbell destroyer "is demonstrating" its courage at a distance of more than 400 kilometres from the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the central part of the Sea of Japan", Konashenkov said.

Russian Federation claims all of Peter the Great Bay, which is home to its Pacific fleet. Under the rules of the treaty, countries that do not have a coastline on the Black Sea are required to provide Turkey with at least 15 days' notice prior to transiting the straits.

"Our US 6th Fleet is always prepared to respond where called", Cdr.

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Under global maritime law, a nation's territorial rights extend 12 miles from shore but Moscow claims the entire Peter the Great Bay as its own even though it stretches farther than that from parts of the Russian coast.

"We reserve the right to operate freely in accordance with global laws and norms", he also said.

The U.S. has shared intelligence evidence with its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies that it says shows that Russia's new SSC-8 ground-fired cruise missile could give Moscow the ability to launch a nuclear strike in Europe with little or no notice.

In late November, the NATO-backed Ukrainian military held artillery drills near Azov Sea that borders the Crimean peninsula. A spokesman for Putin said in response that a hoped-for U.S. -Russia summit in Washington "is now out of the question".

The McCampbell's operation comes amid heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow on a range of issues, including the announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tuesday that the US would pull out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in 60 days should Russian Federation fail to return to compliance.

"We will continue to assess our presence in the region", he proclaimed.