Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Ana's Bastet Challenge Limited Time Event Begins Today in Overwatch

'Overwatch' character Soldier 76 confirmed as canonically gay Overwatch short story confirms Soldier 76 likes guys and that's rad
Cecil Davis | 09 January, 2019, 06:22

Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Overwatch hero Soldier: 76 aka Jack Morrison is gay in a new short story titled Bastet by writer Michael Chu with illustrations by Arnold Tsang and Bengal.

Many players have celebrated Soldier: 76's news, but others think revealing him as LGBT almost three years after the game's release feels like an afterthought. Ana and Jack then reminisce about their past and, sadly, talk about how they were never able to really have normal lives. Ironically, many at first disregarded Soldier 76 as Overwatch's only standard hyper-masculine white guy video game protagonist. "I'm happy for him".

But a normal life was never the reward for people like us.

That bit concludes with 76 lamenting that "Vincent deserved a happier life than the one I could give him". As the characters discuss their shared history, Ana comes across a picture of a young Soldier 76 alongside another man. Jack sighed. "We both knew that I could never put anything above my duty". And we are ready for him to get a fabulous rainbow skin in the next update. "That's the sacrifice I made".

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Ana's Bastet challenge runs through January 28 and all players have to do to earn to new skin is win nine games, there are also five unique sprays available for watching up to six hours of any Overwatch stream, except Contenders. "Relationships don't work out so well for us, do they?"

And since the newest digital comic was published, homophobic slurs have been posted on social media regarding Soldier: 76's newly revealed sexuality. The final moments of the story also indicated that Ana and her husband's relationship may have not worked out as it emphasizes that she no longer wears her wedding ring. Much like Tracer's girlfriend Emily, Vincent seems like an average civilian and will probably not be a future playable character. Jack doesn't specifically state in the story that he is only interested in men, but Chu has since confirmed via Twitter that everyone's favourite grumpy socks-and-sandals disaster identifies as gay. But here's some positive reaction to the reveal, which follows the Overwatch holiday comic of 2016's confirmation that the game's cover star, Tracer, is a lesbian.