Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Expect Tougher Air Travel as Government Shutdown Drags On: TSA Union Rep

TSA Workers Are Now Quitting Because of the Government Shutdown Union SaysMore TSA Workers Are Now Quitting Because of the Government Shutdown Union SaysMore
Ginger Lawrence | 12 January, 2019, 04:56

The House on Friday passed legislation that would give federal workers back pay.

Many TSA agents began calling in sick in record numbers in lieu of the government shutdown gouging their paychecks.

Bilello said on Twitter that the TSA is working with "stakeholders and industry partners to explore efforts to consolidate officers and operations".

Airports Council International-North America, which represents USA airports, urged Mr Trump and congressional leaders in a letter to quickly reopen the government.

US airport security workers and air traffic controllers working without pay have been warning that security and safety could be compromised if the government shutdown continues, but the Trump administration said on Wednesday that staffing is adequate and travelers have not faced unusual delays. "If the staffing shortage gets worse, we will see reduced capacity in the National Airspace System, meaning more flight delays", Rinaldi said.

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The National Air Traffic Controllers Association filed a lawsuit Friday seeking a temporary restraining order against the federal government for allegedly violating the Fifth Amendment by depriving controllers of "hard-earned compensation without the requisite due process".

Lauri says she has a little money saved up, but worries about many of her coworkers who were living paycheck to paycheck before the shutdown. However, the controller staffing was already at a 30-year low and support workers have been furloughed, putting more pressure on those who remain on the job and threatening to cause flight delays, she said. It also added that until a bill is passed to reopen the government, workers will be be telling Congress and the President to do their jobs so they can do theirs. Even though she's not getting paid, she's showing up to work. He said the reality is setting in they're not going to get paid, but as essential personnel they're expected to still show up. The Senate already passed the measure, which now goes to Trump for his signature.

The shutdown will have dragged on for 24 days when lawmakers return to work Monday - smashing the 21 days set during the Clinton administration in 1995-96.

As "essential" federal employees, TSA agents have been showing up for work without payment for almost a month at one of the lowest paying and most thankless jobs in the airport industry, according to Money. "We thank TSA officers for their resilience and diligence, and we thank industry and the public for their continued acts of kindness and support". TSA said only about 220,000 travelers waited at least 15 minutes at checkpoints, while 0.2 percent - fewer than 5,000 - waited at least 30 minutes.