Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

'Grossly stupid': Sydney teen deported from New Zealand after airline bomb threat

The teen's lawyer described his actions as the The teen's lawyer described his actions as the"grossly stupid event of the century Credit Moment Mobile ED
Ginger Lawrence | 12 January, 2019, 22:25

An Australian teenager has been deported after typing "I have a bomb" into the Air New Zealand in-flight messaging app.

At the time, the plane was still taxiing on the runway in New Zealand, and when it returned to the gate, Fifita was arrested and charged with violating the Civil Aviation Act.

The airport said the flight to Sydney was on the tarmac at the time of the incident.

A 19-year-old man has been charged following an incident at Auckland Airport last night. He will face Manukau District Court on Thursday.

His lawyer told the court he was remorseful and very distressed.

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Jane Northwood, Fifita's lawyer, said that the air crew announced there had been a security breach and he immediately knew that he was responsible.

'The man, who was on a stationary plane, is alleged to have made a threatening comment, ' New Zealand police said.

The court subsequently ordered he pay an immediate reparation sum of $3000, which was handed over by his father in Sydney.

Fifita was arrested on Wednesday night and a court on Thursday heard he wrote the message because he considered it amusing, Stuff.co.nz reported. Previously, this jackass caused an emergency landing after naming a wifi network "bomb on board", this jabroni got a flight canceled after creating the wifi network "galaxy note 7", and this asshat delayed a flight after naming a wifi network "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork".