Sunday, 16 June, 2019

People Are Pissed They Can't Delete Facebook From their Samsung Phones

Samsung users see this page when they try to delete Facebook app.                  Screenshot by Carrie Mihalcik  CNET Samsung users see this page when they try to delete Facebook app. Screenshot by Carrie Mihalcik CNET
Cecil Davis | 10 January, 2019, 23:43

@SamsungMobileUS Why am I not able to delete the Facebook app from my S7 Edge?

Also, as pointed out by some users and reported by other publications, Samsung doesn't even install the actual Facebook app on many of its smartphones. Google apps such as Maps and Gmail have been shipping on Android devices for years. He also added that companies should be filing documents on these permanent apps deals, and that Facebook should turn over public documents in which it clarifies that there is not data collection involved when the app is disabled.

'Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do?

Out of the 34 apps on the Android mobile operating system analysed by Privacy International between August and December 2018, 23 apps were found to send data to Facebook the moment a user launched them. "We the consumer should have a say in what we want and don't want on our products". Facebook's spokesperson did, however, say that if you disable the app on your phone, it acts as if it's uninstalled, so it can not collect data or anything of the sort, which is something Mr. Winke was concerned about, and probably at least a part of the reason why he wanted to delete that app from his smartphone.

Samsung phones come with various apps pre-installed (over and above the standard Android apps).

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Neither Samsung nor Facebook has commented on the issue faced by Samsung users. Even after disabling the app, he was bothered to still have it on his phone. Consumers may have to specifically ask a customer service representative when purchasing a phone to find out if it comes with the app. He first tried to delete the Facebook app when he was setting up the device. He has used the Facebook app to connect with old friends and to share pictures of natural landscapes and his Siamese cat - but he didn't want to be stuck with it.

Consumer-advocacy groups have long raised objections to such deals. "Time to move on", Twitter user Gopinath Pandalai wrote in October.

"Very slimy. Been a Samsung customer for 10 years". "If I can't delete it, this will be the last Samsung product I ever own". Jeff Chester, an executive director of the Center of Digital Democracy, actually said that people have started to understand that apps can be a powerful tool for their creators, that they can spy you without a problem, as you're constantly using your phone, and carry it around with you at all times, pretty much.

Samsung claims that such arrangements are made in order to provide "the best" experience to users.