Monday, 22 July, 2019

Resident Evil 2 demo coming Thursday, on a timer

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Cecil Davis | 09 January, 2019, 06:22

"Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried out the DMC5 Xbox One demo", Capcom said on Twitter. The idea of a time-limited trial isn't exactly new (see the trial periods that Origin Access users get), but this sounds like it's trying to capture the feel of a show-floor demo.

When completed, a brand-new trailer exclusive to the demo will play, giving another glimpse at the title that launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25, 2019. Officially labeled as the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo, players have to finish its mission objective in the aforementioned 30 minutes with unlimited tries until the full 30 minutes have been exhausted.

Using Capcom's proprietary RE ENGINE, Resident Evil 2 offers a fresh take on the classic survival horror saga with breathtakingly realistic visuals, heart-poundingly immersive audio, a new over-the-shoulder camera, and modernized controls on top of gameplay modes from the original game.

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You can play the mission as many times as you want and die as many times as you want. If you become a zombie snack, you'll be able to continue as much as you'd like until you hit the time limit. Whilst you won't be able to play past your demo time, you will be able to watch the cinematic over and over again until your heart is content. The demo will only be playable for 30 minutes and puts players in the boots of Leon Kennedy. And if you prefer Resident Evil 2 digitally, it's Rs. 3,380 for the Xbox One, Rs. 3,375 on PS4, and Rs. 2,999 for PC via Steam. He must survive the zombie hordes while finding a way out of the station.

Will you be playing the Resi 2 demo, or are you saving yourself for the full release later this month?