Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Syria intercepts Israeli missiles fired toward Damascus

Russia Damascus should control Kurdish-populated areas in Syria The spokesperson for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova
Deanna Wagner | 12 January, 2019, 10:15

In a message to the UN Secretary-General, the Foreign Ministry said, in particular, that the Israeli airstrike would not have taken place if it was not for what it described as "unlimited" U.S. support for Israel.

In November 2018, Syrian state media reported that the country's air defences shot down "hostile targets" flying over the town of Kisweh, just south of Damascus, and "were able to foil its goals" despite the "intensity of the aggression".

The source claimed that air defenses intercepted "most" of the missiles and said a "ministry of transport warehouse at Damascus worldwide airport" was hit.

SANA reported that "over eight targets" exploded over the capital of Damascus, saying Syrian air defenses intercepted most of the Israeli missiles. Syrian air defense systems were immediately activated to confront the "hostile targets", and managed to intercept "most" of the missiles, the source claimed. An ammunition warehouse at the Damascus airport was reportedly hit, but a Syrian Transport Ministry official said to SANA airport activity continues as normal.

An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several loud explosions.

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Israel has mounted attacks in Syria as part of its effort to counter the influence carved out there by Iran, which has supported President Bashar Assad in the war that erupted in 2011.

An Israeli official said the air force had attacked several Iranian targets in three main locations.

The S-300 systems were delivered to Syria late a year ago, but they are not yet believed to be in use, as the Syrian air defense teams still need to be trained to operate them.

On Christmas Day, six Israeli F-16 fighter jets struck a logistics compound on the outskirts of Damascus, having come from Lebanese airspace and recklessly using two civilian flights as cover during the raid, according to the Russian Defense ministry.