Monday, 17 June, 2019

Toyota unveils last Supra teaser pic ahead of its Detroit premiere

Toyota Mark X GRMN Interior Toyota Leaks 2020 Supra In Splashy Video Showing Ample Curves From All Angles
Cecil Davis | 13 January, 2019, 20:30

But today get a full-blown look at the vehicle in video with no obstructions.

The company Toyota has published a new image Supra of the next generation and promised that this is the last teaser of the sports vehicle.

The truth is that since the Supra has been in the making for so long, people have begun to lose interest in the vehicle.

The all-new 2020 Toyota Supra is just days from its official debut at the Detroit auto show.

The clip, which was temporarily present on the said social media account, allows us to take a complete look at the MK V Supra's exterior, while also showing the machine performing a few dance moves.

The design of the new Toyota Supra based on the concept FT-1, 2014. The rear fenders easily blend into a ducktail spoiler and a set of skinny tail lights.

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Lexus isn't talking about powertrains, but based on the lack of badging we'd assume this is a V8 rather than a V6 hybrid. They're still present, too, Lexus insisting that the LC Convertible Concept could still accommodate four.

The A90 will be a coupe and has Toyota styling.

It's nearly reveal time at last for the long-awaited Toyota Supra, but a new leak has emerged just days before the official reveal.

Toyota's ambitions for the Supra also involve the racetrack. It's likely that Toyota will only feature an automatic transmission.

Buyers can expect the Supra to cost a bit more than a traditional Toyota sedan, but we don't have numbers on the exact cost. As the sportscar aficionados among you know, the Supra shares most of its tech side with the 2019 BMW Z4.

The Detroit Auto Show will reveal all when it comes to the Supra-until then, let's enjoy these sneak peeks!