Monday, 22 July, 2019

UK PM May: Failure to Back Her Brexit Plan Would Be ‘Catastrophic’

The British flag is seen at half mast Ted S. WarrenUK Security Chiefs Warn May's Brexit Deal ‘Threaten National Security’- Reports
Deanna Wagner | 13 January, 2019, 18:42

He said: "Four decisions need to be made: MPs should vote against no deal; they should vote against the Prime Minister's deal; the European Union should be asked to extend Article 50 deadline to stop the United Kingdom crashing out in March; and MPs should come together to support a new referendum on European Union membership".

A vote on the agreement takes place in the Commons on Tuesday.

Writing in the Sunday Express, Mrs May warned of a "catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust" in democracy if Brexit fails to materialise.

She continued: "When you turned out to vote in the referendum, you did so because you wanted your voice to be heard".

The embattled leader said some voters in Britain's 2016 referendum on European Union membership had trusted politicians "for the first time in decades" and lawmakers must not let them down by now scuppering Brexit. Pressed on the timing he added: "We'll have the vote and then you'll see".

"Doing so would be a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy".

My message to Parliament this weekend is simple: it is time to forget the games and do what is right for our country.

Her stark warning comes as Downing Street said it was "extremely concerned" about a cross-party group of MPs attempts to change Commons rules.

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According to the Sunday Times, the plan could see the Government lose control of parliamentary business, threatening not only Brexit legislation but the Government's ability to govern.

On Monday the debate on the meaningful vote on Mrs May's deal will resume for a fourth day.

It would see the United Kingdom keep the Withdrawal Agreement thrashed out by the prime minister with Brussels, but significantly rewrite the Political Declaration to state an intention to stay in the single market.

Labour peer Lord Andrew Adonis, who is a prominent Remainer, slammed Grayling and in a tweet wrote: "At the end of Brexit there should a one clause bill banning Grayling from holding any further public office ... unless of course it's overturned by a people's vote".

Mr Hunt suggested that legally binding assurances from Brussels over the deal's controversial backstop arrangements should be enough to allay the fears of many MPs over the long-term impact of the agreement.

While in the second they voted for the government to come back to the Commons with a plan B for Brexit within three days should it lose Tuesday's vote.

Jeremy Corbyn has signalled Labour will call a vote of no confidence in the Government this week if Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected. "Projectfear? Project terror? Extremism more likely if we get failed Brexit which leads to lower living standards and less money for services".