Monday, 17 June, 2019

You Can Now Buy a 27-Pound Bucket of Mac and Cheese

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Ginger Lawrence | 13 January, 2019, 18:30

The Chef's Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Storage Bucket holds 180 servings of pasta favorite.

The cost of this mac and cheese bucket - $89.99.

Plus, the container is a heavy-duty six-gallon bucket with lid that customers can easily transport and stack. And while the website claims this can serve 180 people it can also feed just one really hungry one.

While the tubs have been around for a few years, their recent viral status saw any remaining tubs quickly sell out.

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"Good Stuff! We bought this for our grandson". "I have made it a couple of different ways. Have purchased it again, and will continue to use it". "Honestly, I was expecting something that tasted disgusting". "Very pleasantly surprised", wrote MimiO in a five-star post from three years ago.

The cheese and pasta are packaged in separate bulk pouches "with oxygen absorbers, to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life", according to Costco. "But, don't pack the cheese sauce powder".

In fact, due to its significant shelf life, Costco has listed the product under "all emergency foods" on the store's website.