Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Apex Legends: How to Fix Party Not Ready Issue & What It Is

Apex Legends download size Apex Legends ping tool was tested by making everyone silent strangers
Cecil Davis | 09 February, 2019, 16:25

Here's how to fix the Party Not Ready issue in Apex Legends and what it is. The developer has announced that its new game has been downloaded by over 10 million players globally within 72 hours. You might wonder if the publisher is about to be competing against itself with two battle royales on the market, but EA is confident that the experiences will offer different experiences for different types of players. That certainly seems to be the case right now, as players around the world are reporting the error message, "unable to connect to EA servers".

Let's go ahead and get the answer out of the way so that we don't waste any more of your time.

Following a surprise release (that was totally revealed days prior thanks to a whole host of leaks) Respawn and EA's Apex Legends is out in the wild. Most of those reporting the issue unsurprisingly seem to come from the United Kingdom, but there are plenty of people in Europe and in scattered areas over the U.S. seeing server issues.

That focus is aided by near-revolutionary communication mechanics, as well as hero-based gameplay and a much more forgiving (and squad-friendly) revival system than what you'd see in other BR games. This can be annoying if you prefer solo play like us. You don't have to get together a group to play it.

Apex Legends download size
Apex Legends crossed 1 million concurrent players in under 72 hours

It is possible to "fix" the Party Not Ready error in Apex Legends.

Just like in other battle royale games, the Apex Legends battle pass will have a wide range of cosmetic items. Another important metric for the performance of free-to-play battle royale titles like Apex Legends is Twitch, the game reached nearly 500,000 viewers there at its peak.

They also said the game as of now has over one million concurrent players.

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