Tuesday, 20 August, 2019

Around 110 women die daily from breast cancer in Pakistan

Dr C B Koppiker Dr C B Koppiker
Gustavo Carr | 04 February, 2019, 20:09

India has around 2.25 million cases with over 1 lakh new cases being registered every year.

It is well accepted that screening saves lives, but in the United Kingdom we only now screen for three cancers; bowel, breast and cervical. As a 2014 World Health Assembly resolution urges, beyond prevention and control, this should include promoting quality palliative services able to give terminal patients the care and dignity they deserve.

This is contained the ministry's seven year programme. "It takes an entire society to effectively fight cancer".

According to World Health Organization reports, Cervical Cancer is caused by sexually acquired infection, with certain types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). "This is done at health facilities, and through campaigns in different places like schools", he said. Since 1990, approximately 6 million people in Japan have attended the screening for stomach cancer annually, and gastroscopy is a mandatory part of health check-ups for people aged 40 or above.

However, Uwankindi says that some Rwandan were not responding well to screening services.

A person with insurance cover, mutuelle de santé, can be screened by paying only 200 Rwandan francs. PAP smear is recommended for all sexually active women over the age of 30yrs, every three years, till the age of 65yrs, depending on the results.

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Oda Nsabimana, a breast cancer survivor, underscored the importance of early testing. However, when you know early, cancer is curable.

Turning to breast cancer, the MEP spoke of the need for there to be a specialised unit, highlighting that now such care is fragmented.

Early treatment helped her to survive, she said.

However, currently, Rwanda has five hospitals that can provide cancer treatment. Women with low immunity such as those on Immunosuppressive Therapy including steroids, women with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection or those in the post-transplant category, are also at an increased risk for Cervical Cancer.

Latest statistics available from 2018 shows lung cancer is the most common among Turkish men while breast cancer is the most prevalent form of the disease among women in the country. The primary goal of notification is to effect prevention and control and better utilization of resources.

Secondary prevention is mainly through screening. Before Cervical Cancer develops, there are options to treat these abnormal cells. It is better to get tested for any signs since the disease can be treated faster and better when detected through early diagnosis. He advised that a person should go for screening at least once a year. The risk of HPV exposure and thereby the risk of Cervical Cancer increases when one has multiple sexual partners and especially women with a history of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as smoking.