Tuesday, 20 August, 2019

Confidential docs warn of possible "disruption" in health care

An Ornge air ambulance arrives at a Toronto hospital after girl was seriously injured at Blue Mountain in Collingwood on Mar. 10 2015. CITYNEWS An Ornge air ambulance arrives at a Toronto hospital after girl was seriously injured at Blue Mountain in Collingwood on Mar. 10 2015. CITYNEWS
Gustavo Carr | 06 February, 2019, 22:25

The Ford government indicated that the document obtained by the NDP was merely a draft legislation, but in a news release sent out by the NDP on February 4, the party stated that it has obtained internal government documents that detail a finished plan that already has cabinet approval.

The Ontario government's transformation of the health-care system will not include two-tier care, private hospitals or making patients pay for more services out of pocket, the health minister said Friday.

New documents obtained and released by the Ontario NDP on the Progressive Conservative's plan to reform the province's health-care system indicates that the creation of a "super agency" is final.

The documents have not been verified and the NDP will not say how they were obtained.

High ranking officials received confidential information of the Doug Ford government's planned changes to Ontario's health-care system, Horwath said.

The Ford government is asking the OPP to investigate the massive leak of government documents to the NDP. "As we bring forward desperately needed and overdue change to health-care in this province, Ontarians will continue to access reliable, public health-care".

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Ontario's cabinet has already approved aspects of the proposal which would open the door to further privatization of the health system.

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The draft legislation would allow the government to roll local health integration networks, Cancer Care Ontario, eHealth Ontario, the Trillium Gift of Life Network and other government health agencies into the super agency.

One document, as part of a December 13 workshop for assistant deputy ministers, references outsourcing laboratories - many of which are already privately run - inspections, licensing, devices and the province's air ambulance service, Ornge.

Horwath said that the Super Agency's guiding principles is to "partner with public and private sector entities".

Elliott would still not rule out further private delivery of services within the public system - which now exists, such as companies that do diagnostic testing - but said that wasn't the focus of the health-care transformation.

"Those documents show how Ford's scheme completely privatizes inspections, laboratories, licensing, the medical devices program, assisted devices program and air ambulance", Horwath said.

It's not clear if for-profit and private entities will win contracts to form MyCare Groups; but it's clear that MyCare groups will be given unprecedented power to contract out front-line health care to private, for-profit entities. Planning and oversight functions will be transferred to a new Super Agency.