Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Federal Bureau of Investigation releases hand-drawn sketches of alleged victims after serial killer's confession

Serial Killer Samuel Little has made portraits of 16 of his victims who remain unknown Serial Killer Samuel Little has made portraits of 16 of his victims who remain unknown
Deanna Wagner | 14 February, 2019, 14:11

The agency released 16 images Tuesday, drawn from memory by Samuel Little, who told authorities they are just some of the more than 90 people he killed over three decades.

Details of the list - including the suspected gender, race, age of the victims, as well as the locations the suspected murders occurred - are based on interviews with the killer, with all but one of the unmatched victims being women. "We want to give answers to their families or friends who are wondering what happened to them and close the cases and get some kind of resolution".

So far investigators have managed to link Little to 36 of his claims, spanning the width of the United States, from LA to Washington DC.

The strategy worked - both were identified.

The bureau hopes that Little's portraits of his alleged victims will help them crack some of these cold cases.

Four of the six South Florida victims were killed in Miami, one in Homestead and another in Kendall. But the grim tally rose after he recalled, while being driven in December from one Texas jail to another, killing three more victims, including two in Los Angeles, the Federal Bureau of Investigation disclosed. He'd already been behind bars at the time, serving three life sentences for the murders of three Los Angeles women.

The 78-year-old man told investigators he was responsible for more killings between 1970 and 2005, all across the country.

According to the FBI, Little, who was a one-time competitive boxer, chose to kill marginalized and vulnerable women who were often involved in prostitution and addicted to drugs.

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Besides drawing what the women looked like, he also remembered what auto he was driving, where he killed them and how he did it.

The stunning confessions could make Little the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history if these cases are confirmed by law enforcement, Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland told CNN in December.

Police tested his DNA and he was connected to three unsolved murders across 1987 and 1989, including the death of Audrey Nelson.

"Over the course of that interview in May he went through city and state and gave Ranger Holland the number of people he killed in each place. Jackson, Mississippi - one; Cincinnati, Ohio - one; Phoenix, Arizona - three; Las Vegas, Nevada - one".

In July 2018, Little was indicted on a murder charge in the killing of Denise Christie Brothers, who disappeared in Odessa in 1994.

Investigators have confirmed 34 of the confessed killings, authorities said in November. Police said they've confirmed more than 36 of these cases so far, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Now in poor health, Little is in custody in California, according to Ector County DA Bland.