Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Microsoft begs you to stop using Internet Explorer

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Microsoft's security chief claims Internet Explorer isn't a web browser
Cecil Davis | 10 February, 2019, 12:24

Microsoft's own security chief has suggested Internet Explorer should not be used as a main Web browser, saying it now only exists as a "compatibility solution".

Microsoft, which transitioned to its new browser Edge several years ago, is now advising enterprise users to avoid its legacy browser, Internet Explorer (IE). This, to some extent, should help Microsoft push businesses away from Internet Explorer and embrace a more robust browser.

"We're not supporting new Web standards for it and, while many sites work fine, developers by and large just aren't testing for Internet Explorer these days", Jackson said.

Whilst acknowledging that pre-Nadella Microsoft didn't exactly help matters with its conduct, which led in part to the so-called "Browser Ballot" in the European Union, things have changed and it really is time to start thinking about browsers in a more constructive way.

In 2015, Microsoft had announced that Microsoft Edge would replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on its Windows 10 devices. Having one place for employees to go for their internet needs eliminates confusion around which browser to use and when. Rather than spending resources to make them compatible with the new-age browsers, they continue to use them because they were created to be used with it.

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Jackson also pointed out that when companies continue to use Internet Explorer, they end up taking on 'technical debt, ' or paying extra to get support for old software, which can rack up additional costs over time.

Internet Explorer, which was first called Windows Internet Explorer, was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95 in 1995.

Internet Explorer is a legacy product at this point. What about now? Microsoft's message is very different in the era of Windows 10 and Edge (which is undergoing an overhaul to Chromium).

The brand has struggled to shake off the bad reputation of Internet Explorer 6, which was notoriously insecure.