Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Samsung patent reveals plans to put camera in Note S Pen

Image Source Samsung via USPTO Image Source Samsung via USPTO
Cecil Davis | 09 February, 2019, 06:57

Adding a camera to an external peripheral such as the S-Pen with a button used to control the zoom could get around this issue. It appears that the feature could also be utilized to send images back to the phone (or tablet) if a camera is added to the stylus. The sensor would be hooked up to at least one or more lenses. For its next S Pen trick, it may put a camera inside. According to a newly surfaced patent, Samsung is exploring the idea of having an electronic pen device that has an optical zoom. Samsung already enriched the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen with a shutter button allowing users to capture images remotely, so the next evolutionary step could very well be the addition of an actual camera. With that in mind, we want to take you through some steps that will help you prepare yourself, and your device, for your Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie release date.

This patent was originally filed in February 2017 and describes an "electric pen device" which has a built-in camera with optical zoom capabilities.

While the patent does note (no pun intended), that it is meant to be used for an upcoming Galaxy Note phone, it doesn't say when or how.

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FIG. 3 shows us the four main components of the S-Pen of the patent: an optical system, image sensor, control key, and controller. With a literal selfie stick, there would be no need for the camera and, therefore, no need for any notch or punch hole cutout.

As per the patent, Samsung's advanced stylus will also include a battery and a prism in the optical path for conversion of signals.

Given how tiny the S Pen is, it's hard to imagine that there is enough room inside the pint-sized stylus to fit a capable shooter. This could be ideal when taking notes during a meeting or lecture, allowing users to snap a photo of a presentation slide via the S-Pen to convert it to text, much like Google Lens and Microsoft's Office Lens.