Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Several Companies Discovered To Be Recording Details From iPhone Displays In Secret

Apple’s crackdown on screen-recording apps is a privacy win Credit Pexels
Cecil Davis | 09 February, 2019, 06:56

"Apps must request explicit user consent and provide a clear visual indication when recording, logging, or otherwise making a record of user activity", Apple said in an email to TechCrunch. This means that there is absolutely no way the user can know their screen is being recorded by an app.

Most people, including me, would be wary of giving permission to an app to record the on-screen activities unless they specifically tell us what they're capturing.

It's a foregone conclusion that app makers will get at least some data on how you use their product.

The companies behind these popular apps are not in denial of such a practice as they find it useful to help improve user experience on the app.

The analytics firm allows for a "session replay" technology in apps, which allows developers to see how users interact with the application.

All the apps using Glassbox's controversial "session replay" technology either send the data back to their own server or push it to Glassbox's could.

Now, Apple has to amend some policies to let users know what is happening on their devices and how Apps are using the data.

But the apps could be recording - and sending - materials that users wouldn't be happy about, including credit card details, the App Analyst has warned.

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In theory, Glassbox's services come with screen masking, which should occlude on-screen sensitive information with black bars. Air Canada reported that its app had a data breach which exposed 20,000 profiles. After testing some of the above apps mentioned, the report hints that every app wasn't leaking this masked data, which is a relief for now.

As 9to5Mac noted, services like Glassbox have been around for a while, but Apple has yet to bring down the hammer; other companies that provide similar services named by TechCrunch included UXCam and Appsee.

These apps are using Glassbox, which allows developers use something that's called "screen replay" which records the screen technology. These are effectively screen recordings extracted from users without their express consent. And Glassbox? They don't require their customers to make note of the recording features at all.

The company does this, its spokesperson said, to "ensure we can support their travel needs and to ensure we can resolve any issues that may affect their trips". Will they use your data for any other purposes?

Abercrombie confirmed that it uses Glassbox but the company's privacy policy makes no mention of session replays, reports TechCrunch.

Tech Crunch reached out to these companies where in their privacy policy does it says that they recording this data but only one company responded.

Additionally, the company said that "captured data via our solution is highly secured, encrypted, and exclusively belongs to the customers we support".