Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

Space project Mars One declared bankrupt

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp. Credit Mars One video via YouTube Mars One is dead
Sandy Nunez | 13 February, 2019, 22:52

Mars One Ventures AG, a Dutch company that planned human settlement on Mars, has declared bankruptcy.

Lansdorp told Engadget that the Mars One Foundation is still operating, but could not do anything of note without additional investment. It's an obvious development, as many experts suspected that Mars One has been a scan for quite a long time, going after individuals' desires to travel to space without having a real plan to get them there.

Mars One Ventures posted an update on its site saying that the commercial arm is "currently working on a solution with an investor".

It seemed, therefore, like the end of the road when reports earlier this week claimed Mars One Ventures AG - the for-profit part of Mars One, distinct in its operations from the Mars One Foundation - had gone into bankruptcy. The total debts of Mars One amount to CHF 1.1 million (approximately € 1 million).

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"Mars One itself will focus on the even more inspiring "being there", the adventurous story of humans actually living on Mars, making The Red Planet their new home", the company continues. And she said she was still excited at the idea of getting to Mars someday - perhaps by applying for NASA's space program and joining one of its missions to Earth's neighbor.

The group's proposed business plan-to pay for the billions required to colonize Mars via reality TV shows about the first people to live off-planet-always seemed sketchy at best and like an outright scam at worst.

The mission of colonizing Mars, appeared in 2011. The company claimed it could do so using existing technology. But the vexing question is, just why in the hell would anybody want to salvage Mars One?

By 2015, a Mars One insider had blown the whistle on the organization. In July 2018, an investment deal with Phoenix Enterprises was announced, that was set to inject $12 million into the firm over the coming year.