Tuesday, 20 August, 2019

Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

A man is restrained after he began shoving members of the media during a rally for President Donald Trump in El Paso Texas A man is restrained after shoving members of the media
Deanna Wagner | 12 February, 2019, 15:42

Alongside the video, he said: "This is the shameful moment when my cameraman Ron Skeans was attacked by Donald Trump supporter in El Paso - after the President repeatedly goaded the crowd over supposed media bias".

Mr O'Donoghue told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "It was an incredibly violent attack".

The Donald Trump supporter could be seen being restrained after the incident. He has often branded reporting he doesn't like as "fake news" and said that journalists are enemies of the people.

Washington correspondent Gary O'Donoghue said his colleague Ron Skeans had been filming a rally in El Paso, Texas, when the incident happened.

The BBC reports the unidentified Trump supporter twice nearly knocked Skeans and his camera over as he "shoved and swore" at other members of the press and yelled "f**k the media" before security escorted him away.

BBC Washington producer Eleanor Montague said the protester, whose name remains unknown, had taunted other news teams, but Skeans "got the brunt of it".

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The man can then be heard shouting "USA" and "f*ck the media".

"I have been spat at before, they hurl abuse at American colleagues in particular".

Mr O'Donoghue added that he thinks President Trump's 2020 election campaign will be as "hostile and ill-tempered and divisive as the one we saw last time". And they made clear that Mr Trump's long-promised border wall is sure to play an outsized role in the presidential race, as both sides use it to try to rally their supporters and highlight their contrasting approaches.

Beto O'Rourke speaks to a crowd inside a ball park across the street from where President Donald Trump was holding a rally.

During his speech on Monday, Mr Trump told the crowds inside El Paso County Coliseum that 69,000 people had signed up to attend.

She added: "To all those who asked after the cameraman - Ron is fine". According to BBC, a Trump campaign official suggested that the man causing the violence was drunk.