Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

US Airline Nudged Passengers To Slip Number To "Plane Crush", Says Sorry

Delta Coca Cola apologize after 'plane crush' napkins creep out passengers A Delta Air Lines plane lands at Los Angeles International Airport
Ginger Lawrence | 08 February, 2019, 18:14

The airline and beverage giant were lambasted on social media for in-flight napkins that encouraged passengers to write down their phone numbers and give them to their "plane crush".

Delta Airlines is in trouble again.

And the airline said it's already in the process of removing the napkins from their planes.

Twitter users posted photos of the so-called creepy napkins, which, in addition to a weirdly suggestive, pick-up line style tag, have a spot for passengers to write down their personal phone numbers to then pass to another passenger.

What's so offensive about a napkin, you might ask? The other side of the napkin, which featured the Diet Coke logo said, "because you're on a plane full of interesting people and hey... you never know".

Delta passengers began complaining about the napkins on social media in January, though it's unclear when exactly the flights began using them.

The napkin has since been removed from Delta flights.

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A Coca-Cola spokesperson added: "We sincerely apologise to anyone we may have offended". Delta began removing the napkins last month. "Unintentionally creepy" is a complaint voiced by one passenger, and another tweet being widely cited in coverage has a similar theme.

Some thought Coca-Cola's marketing campaign was a cute one. And I am jealous we didn't get the Coke one!

One woman thanked Delta for helping out singles, while another said she was disappointed she couldn't take advantage of the napkins on her next flight.

According to INSIDER, the napkins were a collaboration between the airline and Diet Coke and were handed out on some U.S. flights. 'Come through #Coke! Operation #HookASistaUp!'

'Clever! Love the new napkins @Delta @DietCoke @CocaCola @ATLairport, ' said Ben Startling III.

'Someone in procurement over ordered the napkins, ' joked Dr.